You've got a brilliant idea.

It is possibly the best idea on the planet ever. It is so brilliant, your ancestors might just get sunburn from its glow. Your idea is more than just an idea, it is a life-altering experience. It's going to create a change so awesome that people will tattoo your name on their children's bottoms! It is so masterful, people will erect shrines to you. It is so beautiful it brings the most heartless fiend to tears.

Or, at least it would if anyone knew about it.

What you have right now is a nagging thought that you've been sitting on. One that could be THE THING that would make people feel better, teach people something, cause people to think differently. The eye-candy, delicious, fun thing people are waiting for. The thing that would honour your grandparents, pave the way for your kids, look good on different body types. The thing that would brighten a room, elevate a people, go faster. The thing that would make a million dollars, be a fun side project, make your heart sing.

How do you get the ideas out of your head and into the hands of the people who want it?

You bring it to Creatorland.

(See? Told ya you were brilliant!)



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What can we accomplish together?


  • Make the work you are already doing work better for you (Mo' money, less hassle).
  • Discover what you want to be when you "grow up" (I will never make you actually grow up, pinky swear).
  • Create something much more fulfilling by translating your employment experience (Stop making someone else rich!). 
  • Stand out in a saturated market by simply being you. (Jedi mind tricks that don't lead to the dark side)
  • Find the hidden gems in your market so that you can dominate. (Betcha didn't know that existed!)
  • Harness your thousands of ideas and skills and become the change maker, the entrepreneur, the person you know you can be. (You. Can. Do. It!)


Organise your Idea Confetti.

You're all over the place, trying to figure it all out by yourself, chasing every shiny object that comes into view.

In a single call I'll get you off the mental merry-go-round, out of overwhelm and on track. Actionable solutions, zero fluff. Guaranteed.

The MENTORING Sessions

Launch this idea, you will!

You've got a big idea. But no clue how to make it happen. Maybe you don't even have the time yet to fully dedicate to bringing it your people.

Whatever the reason, this slow and steady approach is for you. Working together, we'll build the thing that gets you seen, acknowledged, and paid. 

The INTENSIVE Sessions

Idea to Market on a Rocket

You're clear and focussed on your idea. You just don't know how to get it out there, get noticed and get people to pay you for it. 

This full day intensive is designed to fully flesh out that idea in a jiff. You'll have everything you need to launch with confidence and authority.