I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants with issues such as where to begin (and what to do next), how to sell their products and services (without selling their soul) and how to $!#%ing market them without seeming insincere (or douchey). Hour-long sessions are the sweet spot for avoiding overwhelm, stagnation and second-guessing, so you can spend your time doing and not learning, thinking or tweaking. 

    I don't just tell you what to do next, I explain to you the how and why of what you're doing.

    You are equipped with the knowledge and skills to take quicker, autonomous actions in your business. You're empowered to replicate or alter these actions as your business grows and changes.

    When you know exactly where you're going, how to get there and why, you are able to make better use of your time, keep from spinning your wheels and gain forward momentum.

    Whether you need to pick my brain or you need a secret sidekick, I've got a plan that fits your goals. 

    When you hire me as your career coach, you aren’t given one-time-only advice that only applies to a specific situation. You get the support and guidance of someone that clarifies your values, strengths, roadblocks and goals so that you can make decisions that best support them. You'll learn about the tools and techniques that will help you succeed personally and professionally- because work/life balance and blending is a fundamental part of entrepreneurship. You’ll have homework that keeps you moving forward and be held accountable for what you say you want to achieve. 

    Spending one-on-one time with me will have you feeling optimistic, in control and motivated. 

    From the moment you sign up to work with me, you’ll be committing to doing what it takes to give you the lifestyle and business you want and need. Think less Facebook scrolling, Googling and dumping money into generic courses and more focused, prioritized actions to discover and create fulfilling work.

    You’re ready to discover the What of your dream business, and take action with How you’ll get there.

    Please apply for a complimentary Unstuck Session

    The Brainstorm Sessions

    Organise your Idea Confetti


    You're all over the place, trying to figure it all out by yourself, chasing every shiny object that comes into view.

    In a single call I'll get you off the mental merry-go-round, out of overwhelm and on track. Actionable solutions, zero fluff. Guaranteed.

    In 90 mins (or less)

    • Figure out what to do with all the ideas in your head
    • Get clear on your next steps
    • Know they are in line with your mission, goal, and values
    • Be equipped to make informed decisions that nurture your idea
    • Have the confidence to take action

    The MENTORING Sessions

    Launch this idea, you will!


    You've got a big idea. But no clue how to make it happen. Maybe you don't even have the time yet to fully dedicate to bringing it your people.

    Whatever the reason, this slow and steady approach is for you. Over 3-6 months, we'll build the thing that gets you seen, acknowledged, and paid.


    In 3-6 months

    • Be clear on the idea's possibilities
    • Learn everything you need to know to make it work
    • Never feel alone
    • Have the tools, techniques and know-how to continue autonomously
    • Know how to market and promote your idea

         Zero to launch is totally possible if you want it to be.

    Ready to Apply for an Unstuck Session?

    If you’re ready to move to the top of your game now, get started with an Unstuck Session application right now!

    In this no-fluff session, Tania will walk you through:

    • Uncovering the potential for your idea
    • Having the confidence to move forward with it
    • One simple step you can take immediately to get started.

    These sessions truly make a difference. Guaranteed. So to take an actual step forward, please don’t delay!


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